Following our success with Fontelunga we are bringing to Tuscany our new development of 12 unique cottages for sale and rental Giardini di Borgo69

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Giardini di Borgo69 is positioned perfectly as an extension to established village life, creating 12 stylish 1, 2 and 3 bedroom cottages, all with extensive views over the Tuscan countryside towards the spires and rooftops of the village of Pozzo.

Where the Borgo meets the village, a contemporary ‘cantina style’ restaurant and lounge bar will offer organic market garden produce from the estate, for that authentic farm to table experience …

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Our Story

One of the first members in Italy of ‘Design Hotels’, a boutique B&B with personal concierge service and direct contact with the loving owners.
Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue and many others beat a path to their door to experience this truly magical Italian retreat, while travel guides such as Mr & Mrs Smith and Chic Retreats were eager to include the details of such a …

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Concierge Services

Whether buying as an investment, using your property as a second home or as your main residence, knowing that your property is lovingly looked after and well maintained, will guarantee peace of mind …

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Giardini di Borgo69 is situated in the Val di Chiana, the largest open valley in the Tuscan Apennines, providing spectacular views toward the historic town of Cortona.
This centrally located position allows clients to easily access Tuscany’s beautiful landscapes, the treasures of the region and all major European cities via the local airports; 7 within 2.30 mins …

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The Giardini di Borgo69 project incorporates two existing 300 year old cottages within a stunning new build, which takes its reference from the historic features of the surrounding Tuscan architecture, in the form of loggias and courtyards with a striking modern twist …

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Giardini di Borgo 69 – Hometels and the team behind the project

About the Founders

The Hometels four founders, Simon Carey, Ji Amosu, Paolo Kastelec and Philip Robinson all long standing friends for 27 years and business partners for the last 13 years. Their complementary skills and experience have come together and grown over the years to cover all aspects of the successful business they have created together. The team members they have put together for the project has grown from those years of working together in the local Tuscan community.

The project Team

Director / Designer

Project designer and director – Philip Robinson

The team will be headed up by one of the founders Philip Robinson. As the designer of the project he has put together the team and will act as the coordinator during the process of construction keeping the project on target.

Philip’s facts: Born 05/06/1966: Degree qualified in Interior design at Kinston University in 1988. He always had a love for the theatre and went to work immediately as an art director in the theatre and film industries based in London. During his years in the film industry he had the pleasure of working on many different Oscar winning films working all over the world having the ability in 2010 of working in Universal studio LA. His credits range from “Four weddings and a Funeral” through ‘historical’ with “Howards End” to comical with “Mr Bean”. When the founders purchased Villa Fontelunga in 1999 and Philip designed the hotel this was the start of his return to his architectural roots. Since that date Philip has worked on several restoration and architectural projects including four new build projects, other hotel developments, private restorations and apartments. He now operates his design firm Philip Robinson design out of Tuscany working on his own projects and for clients, mainly foreigners purchasing property in Italy.

Here is a link to his website:

Plant Designer

Project plant / services designer – Monica Meniconi

Monica has designed and will oversee the plant/services for the project. She again has worked with the Hometels team since the building of the Scannagallo villas in 2005 and due to the size of the Borgo project it will be necessary for her to sign off on the completed works.

Monica’s facts: 44 yrs old. Monica gained her diploma in plant design in 1994 at I.T.I San Rocchi Siena. She worked as a freelance designer and in 2003 set up her own business in plant design and energy conservancy “MG Techno Engineering”. She obtained her full degree in 2008. Since 2004 she has worked with the founders and specializes in energy conservancy though specific use of building materials, setting up her new company relating to this in 2010, MG Tecno Engineering.


In the touristic field:


Restructured a large two-storey villa on the ground floor at the tasting and reception room and on the first floor partly farmhouse and partly private apartments. Electrical system LED air conditioning a fan coil system. The technology center made with a pellet boiler and heat pump high efficiency, in addition to the use of solar thermal panels.


A pellet boiler and heat pump high efficiency, in addition to designing the plant for other heating and cooling systems in the accommodation.

In the commercial field:

MEF s.r.l. In Bisenzio fields 17,000 square meters

Fully led lighting system with presence sensors to increase energy efficiency, electrical system equipped with a bus system for monitoring consumption and alarms. All facilities, such as: Anti-intrusion system, smoke detector fire alarm system, automation system opening fixtures office air conditioning and conference rooms are fully managed with supervision system

Construction Manager

Construction manager – Roberto Capecchi

Roberto Capecchi will be the construction manager for the project employed directly by Hometels srl. The Hometels team, having working on several construction projects, have decided to run the project “In House” by employing directly a construction manager rather than a company. Eliminating added management costs and having more spending control.

Roberto’s facts: Born 1963: Roberto has worked for all his life in the as a local builder. He started in his fathers construction company and continued with his own company Capecchi construction. Some of his works over the years include works for the local region of Arezzo, restoration of a building for one of the most important schools in Italy “The Scuola Superiore di Pisa” and for our local council the local swimming baths building. Roberto got to know the founders 15 years ago when he worked on the restoration of Villa Fontelunga. Since then Philip has worked with Roberto on several different projects one of which includes Roberto’s new build house which Philip designed.

Here are some links to some of Roberto’s projects:

Building project:

Public Swimming baths of the Foiano della Chiana Council


of the School “Scuola Normale Superiore Palazone Cortona”


Marciano castle  restructuring


Project structural engineer – Luca Rossi

Luca has worked as engineer on all the projects with the Fontelunga team since the founding of Villa Fontelunga in 1999. He has already designed the structural elements of Borgo and now needs to see though the on-site supervision of the project.
Luca’s facts: 44 yrs old. Qualified in structural engineering from Perugia university in 2001 at which point he started freelance work in engineering , over the years working on diverse projects from hotels, beauty farms, restaurants, condominiums and many private homes, having one published in the New York Times. In 2004 he started collaborating with the founders on their Scannagallo project and has worked with Philip on all his local design projects.

Here are some links to some of his recent projects and articles on his work:

Quantity Surveyor

Project manager and quantity surveyor – Patrizio Fiorenzoni

Patrizio has been working as Fontelunga and Hometels quantity surveyor though his representative studio (Studio Barbetti of Sinalunga operating since 1955) since the founders purchased Villa Fontelunga in 1999. His position (Geometra in Italian) within the Italian building system is crucial in dealing with the council and signing off on the completion of the project.
Patrizio’s facts: 62 yrs old. Qualified with a diploma as a geometra in 1975 at Arezzo. He worked as a freelance geometra until 2001 when he became a partner in a local geometra practice called Studio Barbetti e Fiorenzoni. Over the years, apart from collaborating on all the projects with the founders, he has worked on several local hotel / tourist projects many private dwellings probably over 300, as well as commercial structures.

Here is a link to some images of his projects:

Which also include