Giardini di Borgo69 is situated in the Val di Chiana, the largest open valley in the Tuscan Apennines, providing spectacular views toward the historic town of Cortona.
This centrally located position allows clients to easily access Tuscany’s beautiful landscapes, the treasures of the region and all major European cities via the local airports; 7 within 2.30 mins.
The proximity of your villa to the local Village allows easy walking access all local amenities such as post office, bank, hairdressers, mini markets, butchers, bakers and the infamous local pizzeria!

Where we are

Giardini di Borgo 69 is located in the Province of Arezzo in the Val di Chiana region of Tuscany and nestles between the regions of Chianti, Siena, Cortona and Montepulciano, all within 30 mins drive. History runs deep in this region, believed to be the birth place of civilization on the Italiana peninsular with the Etruscans setting up residence in the valley possibly 1000 B.C. During medieval times the Val di Chiana was for many centuries a war zone, on the front between the forces of Siena and Florence creating the many wonderful fortified hill top towns that make Tuscany the historically world renowned region that it is today. Contemporary Tuscany has seen the growth of the fashion industry offering a diversion from history and the local cuisine to “moda” and the fashion outlet shopping possibilities!

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